A Spiritual Explanation of Time and Multi-Dimensions

The following is a spiritual conceptualisation of how I understand the illusion of time and multi-dimensions that was revealed via intuition (Tehuti), while sitting on the edge of my bath!

This is not how time and multi-dimensions are, but an allegory of the truth so that I can perceive it while existing in this fourth dimension.

Imagine that every living organism that has ever existed and all those that are yet to exist, has a lifespan that could be portrayed as a linear piece of string. Also, each string lifespan has an infinite number of variations, representing each action or option taken and the opposite of that action or option taken. Each variant lifespan string is a dimension.

Now imagine that all the lengths of string lifespan are lined up next to each other in parallel Iines, equidistant from each other

Then imagine all the lifespan strings are pinched together at a single point. The point at which all the lifespan strings meet is my and your individual Being (Nebertcher). Illustrating that our Being is the sum of all things that have ever been, are yet to come and every possible variation, Wote (the All).

Now imagine that these lifespan strings roll up and scrunch to that pinch point.

The strings scrunch up so much that it is impossible to see where one string lifespan begins or ends.  It is because the lifespan strings touch, twist and overlap with each other at many points that transference is possible.

So Nbertcher is able to vibrate with and receive energy from the past, present, future and multi-dimensionally from all existence as they converge at the same point. The lifespan strings scrunch so tightly at that single point, that they would appear as a single entity, the singularity.

Therefore, using this allegory I can perceive time and multi-dimensions not as linear but interconnected, indivisible, present in the here and now in the fourth dimension, they are my Being and my Being is them.

Through trans-dimensional meditation I can remove the fourth dimensional veil that prevents me from perceiving my Being, Nbertcher.

When I become consciously aware of Nbertcher, I then have access to time and every dimension. I then become aware that I have always have been vibrating multi-dimensionally and with time.

But now in my conscious fourth dimensional state, I am aware of it and aware that I am one with Wote. I become aware that I am in a state of peace, joy and contentment. That I have no desire for anything in the past, present, future or multi-dimensionally as I already possess it, as I am it.

 I end with my personal affirmation expressed in Kiswahili:

Mapenzi Wote ni mapenzi yangu,
Hakuna mwanzo na hakuna mwisho

(The will of the All is my will,
There is no beginning and there is no end)


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