Be the candle

While meditating at the family shrine I asked the ancestors for guidance regarding my anxiety towards working in emotionally stressful and draining environments.

My previous Tarot and oracle card divination regarding this anxiety informed me that it was incorrect and limiting. That I should be flexible, open and see the opportunities rather than the stress caused by working in such environments. However, this nagging anxiety would not shift, so although I was open to manifesting my goal, I was not willing to accept that on that path to that manifestation it may involve working in such environments.

The answer from the All via the ancestors was be like the candle i.e. just be.  The candle doesn’t care whether it is good or bad, negative or positive it creates light regardless. It manifests its power regardless of perception.

My previous meditative revelation from the ancestors was that the illumination from a candle represents my Nbertcher (my higher self). It manifests its power regardless of perception of that light; it is the light in the darkness.

The candle, the Sun, the Moon and gravity for example, don’t care what we think of them, they fulfill their purpose, with freedom from perception of what humans think. Their power is neither “good” nor “bad”, it just is. The effectiveness of their power is not hindered by egoistic value judgments of whether that power is “good” or “bad”. The power affects all in their vicinity, equally, free from all obstacles caused by perception. Further, even if we humans assign an egoistic value judgment, it has no impact on the manifestation of the power in all its supremacy and majesty. We will be affected regardless by that power, we can’t avoid it, argue our way out of it, ignore it or counteract it, it just is.

This is what the ancestors meant by “be the candle”. To allow my consciousness, (Nbertcher) that is of the same quality but not the same quantity as the All, to be. That is, free to manifest all experiences, these experiences are the prisms through which my Nbertcher will pass through to reveal whatever I will. These experiences are neither “good” nor “bad” they are just the vehicles through which to express my unlimited and boundless power. Therefore, if I apply no egoistic value judgments to the experiences, I become Heru and can express my will through the experiences, with no hindrances caused by false perceptions of the experiences as either “good” or “bad”. I become truly free to manifest all possibilities and choose the one I want to perceive due to focus.

As just like light passing through a prism, the light spectrum that appears was always there, it just now becomes visible to our perception. The prism is neither “good” nor “bad” it is just the vehicle. If one applies egoistic value judgments to the prism then this is just like putting a card between the light beam and the prism, therefore, preventing the light spectrum to appear.

Egoistic value judgments of experiences limits and bounds our power preventing us actualizing our divinity.

Applying no egoistic value judgments to experiences, our behaviour being guided by the law of Maat (truth, harmony, balance, right order, reciprocity and love of the All) and using Tehuti (divine wisdom – intuition) to know how to apply Maat, is being liberated from attachments – of the world but dead to it i.e. Ausar.

This allows us to be our true divine, authentic selves, open to manifest all possibilities; that is Heru, and focus on the possibility we wish.

Thus knowing that nothing is against us, as we created these experiences to be the prism of our Nbertcher.

Therefore, I now work on keeping in the meditative space where I apply no egoistic value judgments to any experience, which is HeruKhuti. Now I can feel my true power and my Heru faculty to reveal whatever I wish, no matter what happens. I am beyond being validated by any outcome. This is ulinganifu (equanimity) and kwa amani (equipoise), that is Seker.

The Paut Neteru (the Kemetic company of aspects of the All) is the spiritual science of assisting the Spirit (our personalities, bodies, memories, emotions, thoughts and desires) conform to our higher selves or Nbertcher. I aim to not apply egoistic value judgments to experiences by embodying the Paut Neteru and therefore, become the following:

  • I am the master of all experiences in the 3rdand 4thDimensions or Densities as I created them all, but assign no egoistic value judgments to them, that is Geb.

  • I have devotion to applying no egoistic value judgments to the 3rdand 4thDimensions and nurture, love and have patience with myself when I do not, that is Auset.

  • I can explain the process of just being, that is, existing free from attachments, to others, and myself. This is because I have in accordance to Maat, the divine attribute of communication via the left-brain faculty, that is Sebek.

  • All possibilities are manifested as my Nbertcher can imagine them all. All are beautiful as they are my authentic, value free expressions of myself, that is Het-Heru.

  • As I am Geb, Auset, Sebek and Het-Heru, my will is free to reveal whatever I wish, with no egoistic value judgment hindrances, that is Heru.

  • I have a ruthless opposition to applying egoistic value judgments to the 3rdand 4th dimensions. But also I do not punish myself if I do, that is Heru-Khuti.

  • I speak Maat and do Maat as I am Geb, Auset, Sebek, Het-Heru, Heru and Heru-Khuti. I destroy destruction as I have no attachments – I am the All, everything is the All and the All and I simply are.

  • Now I can feel my true power and my Heru faculty to reveal whatever I wish, no matter what happens. This is ulinganifu and kwa amani, that is Seker.

  • All of this has been revealed to me via intuition, that is divine wisdom – Tehuti.

  • I apply no egoistic value judgments to my self-created experiences, my behaviour is guided by the law of Maat and I use Tehuti to know how to apply Maat. Therefore, I am liberated from attachments – I am of the world but dead to it, that is Ausar.

  • Mimi ni kwamba mimi ni (I am that I am), that is Amen. If we analyse the word ‘Amen’ using numerology we find that:
    • A = 1
    • M = 13
    • E = 5
    • N = 14
  • 1 + 13 + 5 + 14 = 33
  • 33 (master number) its spiritual meaning is as follows:
    • Teacher of teachers
    • Cosmic parent
    • Healer through love
    • All the qualities of 3 & 6
    • Selfless service
    • Emotional
    • Nurturing of the spirit
    • Sensitive
    • Intuitive
    • Caring 
I end with my personal affirmation expressed in Kiswahili:
Mapenzi Wote ni mapenzi yangu
Hakuna mwanzo na hakuna mwisho
(The will of the All is my will
There is no beginning and there is no end)

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