The Seven Notes

To begin my libation ritual at my altar I began to ring my triangle to produce seven notes (the number seven spiritually symbolises: Wisdom, seeking, truth) which transport me to my deep meditative state. I began to notice that I could hear/feel the notes and their vibrations long after I stopped physically hearing them through my auditory canal and subsequently perceived by my brain. In addition, that whenever I wanted to, I could hear the notes and feel the vibrations wherever and whenever I was.

As I meditated in front of my altar the Mababu (Ancestors) revealed to me that this was an allegory of The All i.e. Muumba (The Creator).‘While all is in All, it is also true that The All is in all. To him who truly understands this truth hath come great knowledge’. Egyptian Proverbs - Temt Tchaas by Muata Abhaya Ashby.

Meaning that our flesh/experience of reality is an expression of our soul. Our soul being an extension of the Mababu and the spirit world/dimension. The Mababu being our pathway/link to the Muumba, necessarily being our intermediaries to the Muumba.

I now understood that we have a link to Muumba via the Mababu, as he/she is all things including us, but on different vibrational wavelengths. One of these vibrational wavelengths is the Mababu, which the untrained physical mind cannot perceive, as it is distracted by the many, vibrational expressions of the divine thought.

The All is like a single note that encompasses everything that has or will ever be. But we perceive it as a reality that consists of many different physical things. As we become more aware of the truth, we understand that what we perceive is determined by the vibrational wavelengths we can perceive.

We understand that the vibrational experience is like a piece of music with many notes. But this piece of music is actually one note – The All, which we perceive as music.

I researched this spiritual revelation and found that in physics, it has been shown that if you play a piece of music increasingly faster, it will eventually be perceived as a single note, this is called the ‘Critical Band’.

Due to this revelation, I now understood what the Ancient Kemetians described as the ‘Fire’. “Develop the life giving fire, few know how to use it and fewer how to master It.” – Egyptian Proverbs - Temt Tchaas by Muata Abhaya Ashby.

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