The Maze

While meditating at my altar a metaphor for the illusion of reality was revealed to me. The metaphor was this: The reality I create and experience is like a maze. The exit and/or centre of this maze/reality is something my physical being cannot locate.

Each corner of the maze/reality is a turn that my vehicle/being navigates into blindly. What my vehicle/being experiences around each corner are spiritual tests to probe whether my vehicle/being is led by my higher self or Nebertcher (non-material, devoid of energy, the true self, Ausar within me). Or whether, my Spirit or Ra aspect (the Divine Spirit, the Mind, the Animating spirit and the physical self) leads my being.

My vehicle/being should experience my self-created reality as if my Ra aspect is moving through a maze observed by my dispassionate and centred Ausar aspect. My Ausar aspect knows exactly what the Ra aspect will meet at each turn, as it created it. The Ausar aspect knows that nothing the Ra aspect encounters has any intrinsic value or meaning, as Ausar should provide the meaning. That meaning is that as Ausar is in a constant state of joy and peace, anything experienced adds to this state. This furthers the Spirit discovering and fulfilling its divine purpose, which was agreed upon before we were incarnated.

Therefore, I should observe my Ra aspect experiencing these spiritual tests in the maze/reality, but not be emotionally moved by any of it.

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