The Wave

The concept of the All being our true essence and that the All wished to experience itself through our many incarnations was very hard to grasp until while meditating at my family shrine, my Higher Self (Nbertcher) revealed symbolism to me that would allow my conscious self to understand how we are all emanations of the All.

It was revealed that my perception of life, the illusion we call reality, my personality, my body, my memories, my emotions, my thoughts my desires, in fact, anything I can touch, taste, hear and feel in the fourth dimension is a mental emanation of the All. 

It was revealed that I could think of this mental emanation like a wave on the sea, therefore, my perception of life, my essence, made up of my Spirit and my Higher Self, is that wave.

 A wave is only a projection or manifestation of the Sea, as it is made from it. It has the qualities of the Sea but not the quantity, but it would never be seen as separate, no matter the size of the wave, even if it were a tsunami. It is only a manifestation of the Sea, it reflects the power, but is not greater than the Sea. Eventually that wave will crash or roll onto land, dissipate and all its energy will return and become indistinguishable from the Sea. Therefore, this is how symbolically we are in relation to the All, as one of its emanations. Also how all our experiences return to the All and therefore, the All experiences itself.

As our individual essences are manifestations of the All, it is our divine purpose to have our divine Spirit (our lower selves i.e. our personalities, bodies, memories, emotions, thoughts, desires and the reality we project into the fourth dimension) conform to our divine Higher Selves (Nbertcher). 

Symbolically we can think of everyone we know, we meet, come into contact with and everyone that has ever existed and are yet to exist, are also waves and necessarily expressions of the All, just like waves on the sea. All of nature is also an expression of the All.

The pain of existence arises because our personalities, believe ourselves separate from the All and don’t communicate with our Higher Selves and only recognise and accept the physical interactions with the fourth dimension. A falsehood, as incorrect as a wave being seen as separate from the Sea. 

Peace and joy comes from understanding symbolically, that we are a wave on the Sea of the All, to feel this, to know thisand to return the energy gathered during this incarnation back to the All. This is the All experiencing itself, therefore, as we are the All, we can access this knowledge and the knowledge of the ancestors from ‘the Sea of the All’.

This knowledge is stored in Akashic Records which we can access via transdimensional meditation. If in our incarnations we don't achieve this realisation of our true relationship with the All, we will come back as another wave, rather than remaining one with the All. 

This explanation is just a tool to understand the unknowable and unexplainable.

I end with my personal affirmation expressed in Kiswahili:

Mapenzi Wote ni mapenzi yangu,
Hakuna mwanzo na hakuna mwisho

(The will of the All is my will,
There is no beginning and there is no end)

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