The following are a few testimonials from people who've used my services.


Kamau K.

'[I've] been scrambling over the words to best describe the impact Imani has had on my life. I don't think what I say will do justice to him but I'll give it a try.

Imani has been a shining light during some challenging times I have faced. Providing me with invaluable guidance and advice that resonates with my soul.

He has a loving and caring soul-something I find hard to come across nowadays.

I am truly blessed to have him in my corner during this life I am experiencing.'

Natasha M.

'Life changing!

Ndugu (Brother) Imani conducted a cowrie shell divination and tarot card reading for me last year. I was at a crossroads in my life and had some questions and needed clarity. I can be quite indecisive at times so I was keen to gain some enlightenment and guidance on the matters at hand. The reading was performed online via zoom, which was both convenient and comfortable. During the reading I was blown away by the accuracy of Ndugu Imani's findings. I came away totally focused, confidant and certain of the decisions that I needed to make. During the reading I was taking notes, however this is not necessary as an USB of your reading is available.


Ndugu Imani has a special and spiritual gift and it was such a life changing experience for me. A year on I can confirm that his findings during my reading have come to fruition, and by following his guidance I have made positive moves that have not only benefited my family but my business too!


If you're considering spiritual life coaching I would look no further! I would highly, highly recommend Ndugu Imani.'