African Spiritual Life Coaching

CPASS Workshop: Words of wisdom from ancient Kemet - What do they mean spiritually?

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A series of 5 workshops that explore the spiritual meaning of a selection of wisdom sayings from ancient Kemet (Egypt). The workshops are led by Imani A. A. Nassor, an African Spiritual Life Coach.

The aims of the workshops are: 

  • For the attendees to gain and share an understanding of the texts’ spiritual meanings in relation to African Spirituality.
  • To apply this wisdom to their daily lives.
  • To honour, respect and promote existing African Spiritual traditions and understanding. 
  • To aid attendees to transform to their authentic spiritual selves.

These ancient spiritual texts date as far back as the 1st Golden age of Kemet, the Old Period: 4240 B.C.E to 2180 B.C.E.

Attendees do not require copies of the ancient texts, as all the sayings to be explored are included in the workshop presentations.